Accessibility Compliance

T-Base stays abreast of legislation, guidelines, and policies pertaining to effective accessible communications. With extensive experience working with legal and standards groups on a consultative basis, T-Base works with customers to ensure they understand the issues with respect to independent, secure, and private access to information for their blind and print disabled consumers.

Understanding your obligations for communications ensures accessible compliance and mitigates your risk. We have compiled a list of various pieces of legislation pertaining to accessibility for Canada, the United States as well as Provincial, State, and International Standards

This section of the website is intended to provide general compliance information in regard to the subjects covered. It is provided with the intent and understanding that T-Base Communications is not engaged in the act of rendering legal advice. The information provided in this website is not intended nor should be used as a substitute for legal advice.

Gavel on law book showing need for accessibility compliance

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Gavel on law book showing need for accessibility compliance