Accessible Online Billing Statements

T-Base helps telecommunications providers comply with accessibility legislation and meet the needs of more subscribers by producing accessible online billing statements, documents and data plans in accessible PDF, large print/large font formats.

With more and more customers preferring to pay bills and make purchases online because of its convenience, it is more important than ever that telecommunications companies meet the needs subscribers who are blind, have low vision or are print restricted, providing access to information online just as they do for sighted subscribers. It's also important that they comply with legislative requirements.

In addition to monthly usage summaries and documents in braille, large print, and accessible PDF for the web, our accessibility experts guide customers in telecommunications by way of web accessibility audits. We ensure online purchasing and billing opportunities are fully accessible and meet accessibility requirements.

Accessible PDF Billing Statements

To help you meet the needs of subscribers in need--providing a rich online experience--in a cost-effective manner, we have developed our industry leading AccessOne accessible PDF. AccessOne is a universally accessible document type offering customers more than one access method. 

Customers with partial sight can access their large font account billing statement in a high-contrast design or they can listen to a screen reader read out the contents of their bill (as an audio bill). Customers who are blind might prefer to access their bill via audio as well or online via a dynamic braille display or print locally on their personal braille embosser.
Our goal is to give you, the telecommunications provider, an accessible billing statement option that attracts your customers to move online as they can enjoy more timely access, and the widest range of access methods possible. 



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