Accessible Forms and Applications

Although government programs and services are offered more widely online, braille, large print, and audio forms also need to be made readily available to meet the diverse needs of the public. Many of these standard forms and applications are easily converted into a fully accessible form, yet many are not.  What the sighted public takes for granted is a cumbersome process for people who are blind, have low vision or are print restricted. 

  • A home owner who is blind cannot understand his or her standard print municipal tax bill including payment terms or instructions to do so.    
  • A standard print old age security or pension form can be rendered unusable to a low vision applicant who can’t read or complete it.
  • Someone who is print restricted and travelling cannot complete the inherently private personal information on a standard passport application without the assistance of a sighted person. 

All three of these instances are considered high risks for government as they violate basic human rights and accessibility laws, yet are easily remedied.       

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