Audio Transcription Services for Textbooks and Documents

Audio transcription is growing in popularity. Our audio transcription services allow consumers who are blind, deaf-blind, or partially sighted to access their statements and documents from financial and telecommunication institutions when reading either not possible or cumbersome.

Our audio transcription services are also available for healthcare and government related documents including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Government forms and applications
  • Product and services brochures
  • Monthly billings statements for financial and telecommunication companies
  • Health plan member documents, summary of benefits and explanation of prescribed medications

Have a student requesting their textbooks and exams in audio format?

As part of our alternate format transcription services, audio textbooks provide students with a holistic understanding of contents within a textbook often deemed unfriendly to screen readers due to complex design components.

Tests and exams are also an option available in audio. Due to the nature of our infrastructure and working on behalf of North America’s largest financial institutions to process financial documents, test and exams re-produced in audio are handled with great confidentiality.

For more information on our alternate format transcription services or to get a quote, complete our convenient online inquiry form, or contact T-Base Communications by phone at 1-800-563-0668, or by email at