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What you need to know about web accessibility compliance levels: A, AA, and AAA

Ensuring your online content is accessible to all online users should be a key component in your business plan. The legislation backing online compliance can seem a little daunting; sort of like learning a foreign language. Our Online Accessibility and Product Development Specialist, Andy Keyworth, breaks down the three levels of compliance found in The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Andy Keyworth - Dec 03, 2015

How to convert an old PDF into an accessible PDF

Accessible PDFs are essential when it comes to delivering content that people who are blind or with low vision can access. Unfortunately though, many PDFs online are not accessible: they are image-based and cannot be read properly by screen readers.

So, is it possible to convert existing non-accessible PDFs into ones that are accessible? Sue Costa, our in-house PDF expert, has the answer. 

Sue Costa - Nov 13, 2015

Is it relatively simple to make an online document accessible?

The progressive movement towards an accessible North America has pushed for legislation and awareness related to reducing barriers for persons with disabilities in the United States and Canada. Increasingly public and private sectors are concerned about making their information accessible to people who are blind, deaf-blind, and partially sighted.

Andy Keyworth - Nov 04, 2015

Is your municipal website accessible to the public?

Every government website serves as a hub for information in order to better inform visitors. No matter the department or municipality, online visitors rely on government websites to obtain accurate and time sensitive information. And increasingly, the public is going online to obtain information and services from their municipalities. This includes visitors across all demographics.

Andy Keyworth - Oct 02, 2015

Is offering an accessible PDF good enough?

The definitive answer is... “No, it’s not.” Offering documents and statements online as a fully accessible PDF is a very progressive and inclusive step, but it is simply not enough. In fact, accessibility legislation mandates that customers are offered access in their preferred format and it just makes good business sense. What consumers want is choice, and a standard PDF made with accessibility software solutions does not fully provide it.

Sue Costa - Apr 14, 2015

Continued Access

As one of the two involved organizations, both dedicated to the delivery of accessible services to blind and partially sighted Canadians, I am excited to announce that going forward, T-Base will be providing alternate format statements on behalf of CNIB's current Autobill clients.

Sharlyn Ayotte - Feb 10, 2009
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