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Ordering Braille Embossed Business Cards

Braille business cards are now handled by T-Base's partner, InTouch Braille.

500 Cards $74.95 per cardholder

Additional 500 Cards $62.95 for same cardholder

Simply download and complete the fillable order form, print and mail it with your pre-printed, pre-cut business cards for braille embossing. The address for InTouch Braille is on the bottom of the form. Alternatively, you can submit the completed form via email to with your method of payment.

We are North America’s most experienced and capable alternate format company. Our braille transcription services provide our corporate customers with accessible design and delivery of braille statements and documents for your customer communications.

Credit Card and Banking Institutions

  • Secure processing, quality production and timely delivery of monthly bank statements in hardcopy braille as well as electronic braille.
  • Accessible braille documents such as product and service brochuresATM location and access guides, fee disclosure schedules, account and investment options, accessible banking forms and applications.

Landline and Wireless Telecommunications Companies

  • Monthly billing statements in braille that outline subscriber usage summaries for voice, data and internet plans including terms and conditions and inserts.
  • Other documents produced in braille include device user guides and roaming coverage rates sheets and tips. 

K-12, Post-secondary and School Boards

  • Accessible educational material such as textbookstest & exams in Nemeth, Literary, Music and UEB (Unified English Braille Code).
  • North America’s leader in the design and production of Tactile Graphics to support braille in STEM subjects.  

Healthcare Insurance Companies, Healthcare Providers and Pharmacies

Critical information such as plan member documents, patient and prescription documentation is made accessible in braille under private and secure infrastructure that meets HIPPA compliance, ensuring clear communication for consumers who are blind, low vision and print disabled.

Other documents produced in braille include:

  • Summary of Benefits with details on activities, procedures, tests, and treatments
  • Explanation of members' rights, informed consent, or permission for treatment
  • Letters such as notice of action, grievance acknowledgements, and resolution
  • Admissions, discharge and/or orientation; determination and explanation of patients' diagnosis or prognosis
  • Explanation of follow-up care, treatment, therapies, test results, or other recovery care direction
  • Explanation of prescribed medications (dosage, instructions for how and when the medication is to be taken, side effects, food and drug interactions)
  • Health educational services, marketing materials, and presentations
  • Descriptions of the types of programs and/or services that are provided in the original form of brochures, pamphlets, and application materials including a list of doctors and prescription drugs covered under the plan
  • Member newsletters and preventative health reminders

Government- Municipal, Provincial and State as well as Federal Departments and Agencies

Turn your constituent documents as well as forms and applications into fully accessible documents for citizens who are blind, low vision or print restricted through our braille transcription services:

  • Municipal tax and utility bills
  • Accessible forms and applications
  • Government publications such as disability, old age security or pension information
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