Healthcare and Plan Documents

T-Base understands the need for the healthcare industry to communicate a variety of information to individuals on a one to one basis in a private and secure fashion, as well as the need to distribute crucial information to an entire patient and membership basis. With a comprehensive infrastructure and deep understanding of legislative obligations, T-Base can deliver the following types of healthcare documents in an accessible format that blind, low vision and print disabled consumers can understand in braille, large print, audio, e-Text and online with accessible PDFs.     

One to One Accessible Healthcare Documents

  • Summary of Benefits with details on activities, procedures, tests, and treatments
  • Explanation of members' rights, informed consent, or permission for treatment
  • Letters such as notice of action, grievance acknowledgements, and resolution
  • Admissions, discharge and/or orientation; determination and explanation of patients' diagnosis or prognosis
  • Explanation of follow-up care, treatment, therapies, test results, or other recovery care direction

General Healthcare Information

  • Explanation of prescribed medications (dosage, instructions for how and when the medication is to be taken, side effects, food and drug interactions)
  • Health educational services, marketing materials, and presentations
  • Descriptions of the types of programs and/or services that are provided in the original form of brochures, pamphlets, and application materials including a list of doctors and prescription drugs covered under the plan
  • Member newsletters and preventative health reminders

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