Large Print Transcription Services

T-Base has developed large format printing standards that are a direct result of consultations with large print users.  We have incorporated their valued feedback for usability and readability preferences such as font size, contrast, layout, and emphasis into every single statement and document we produce. Whether your customer requires their account statement delivered privately and securely in large print on a monthly basis, or prefers your standard document converted into an accessible large print version just once, our large print transcription services allows T-Base customers to rest assured that the consumer facing information received is of the upmost quality and integrity by design.

Large Print Statements

We’re often asked by our customers to provide them with specific guidance in interpreting the legislation as it relates to their business. In general, we advise our customers that to remain compliant, they must consider the marriage of the AODA and ADA legislation (which prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities by businesses that serve the public), with specific banking regulations like Reg Z, that stipulate things such as disclosure of fees.

To be compliant, statement information MUST be seen by the recipient to be fully compliant and MUST provide service at a level equivalent to those without a disability. Learn about T-Base’s AccessOne.

Blindness organization all cite a range of features that contribute to the readability and accessibility of large print statements, and make clear that photocopy enlargement is NOT an acceptable solution in the eyes of the intended audience. Here are three organizations to name a few:

Migrating your low vision customers from a photocopy enlarged version of their standard statement to a professionally designed and rendered large print document will specifically address the needs of low vision readers and ensure you stay compliant.

AccessOne, Large Print PDF

Large print PDF, known most commonly by T-Base’s customers as AccessOne, is an accessible PDF fully tagged and structured with the additional large print feature.  It includes T-Base’s industry leading large print format, favoured by large print users worldwide that not only meets requirements of blind consumers, but is universally designed for use by those with partial sight. Learn more about T-Base’s AccessOne Large Format Print PDF

For more information on producing large print or to get a quote, complete our convenient online inquiry form, or contact T-Base Communications by phone at 1-800-563-0668, or by email at