Social Media

T-Base has embraced social media almost at the same lightning speed that it has evolved. Ultimately, we want our social communities to touch and inspire as many people as possible because we believe there is a tremendous value in building relationships, exchanging perspectives and sharing knowledge. View our social media policy.

Our Twitter Communities

Twitter allows us to communicate with our customers and end users like never before. For us, it’s just not another way to distribute “content”. Instead, it’s what alternate format communications should be: a way of reaching a wider audience in non-traditional ways. We invite you to follow and participate in discussions that speak to the unique requirements of alternate format communications relative to your interest.

@TBaseComm Corporate News and Industry Updates

@TBaseEdu Accessibility Tips and Trends for Educating Blind Students

@blindambition Sharlyn Ayotte, T-Base's Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, tweets about Industry Updates and Consumer Perspectives


T-Base Community on Facebook allows us to continue to interact and engage with the communities that we belong to. It is also where we share our programs with our like-minded customers and partners. We invite you to like the T-Base Community on Facebook Page and join the discussion.


We share tips, trends, best practices and what's new at T-Base on Google+.  Add us to your circles!


T-Base Communications on YouTube is a combination of corporate message videos, human interest videos, and videos from our partners. We post and share videos that are relevant to the blind, accessibility, education, and financial communities we belong to. We invite you to subscribe to our channel and share your videos. We also produce T-Base described video transcripts for people who are blind or have low vision. 


Company Page

Follow T-Base Communications on LinkedIn and get the latest company updates. Whether your customer communication need is related to accessible documents, statements, textbooks or online, you will be able to contact a member of our sales team directly from our product pages!

T-Base Blog

Each and every day, we deliver services to our customers to help them comply with accessibility legislation. We want to bring the personality of T-Base to the online world with an opportunity to share perspectives, challenges and possibilities for all communities. We have several contributors fostering a broader understanding and discussion around the important issues affecting our corporate and government clients, influencing end users in the industries we serve. We invite you to read and contribute to our corporate blog.